Wallflower (Poem) + Collaboration with Ayeshwarya (Collagezine)


Sharing a special poem from my book (It’s a carnal world). But there is more, I collaborated with this wonderful and talented collage artist – Ayeshwarya from Collagezine.

I was fascinated by her work and imagination. All her collage work speaks depth. And that’s the reason why I felt to contact her for a collaboration. This also marks my first collaboration post and I can say it has started to become a wonderful journey.

I recently made a post about my collage work and my desire to do more. So, this collaboration gives me support and a pat on my back to move ahead.

You can check my collage post here: What is Collage Art and How I do it?

For the collabortion~ We made a postcard using her collage skills and my poem~ Wallflower.

Read the poem and have a look at the beautiful postcard created by Ayeshwarya (Collagezine).


People ask me

whether I am an Extrovert or Introvert

To that I say

I am that Wallflower

Whose presence is felt everywhere


Vrinda X Ayeshwarya (Collagezine)
Vrinda X Ayeshwarya (Collagezine)

If you wish to order the postcard send an email to contact@vrindabn.in

You can also place your order for the postcard on her website: Click Here

Know more about Ayeshwarya~ Website and Instagram.

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