Adieu philosophy and Welcome reality.


The title seems intriguing… Right? If not, let me know!

So, rather than writing a solution. I am here with a bunch of questions! Somewhere the answers are getting tied into a yarn which would be probably simple but making it complex.

And it’s completely surreal to write a poem on it. If you got what I meant! It’s kind of confusing a bit…

Is it possible to be philosophical about our reality?

Well, sometimes we don’t have an answer! Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom and reality is the totality of real things and events (according to the dictionary).

This is where I am putting my time and doing my research on (which is independent).

Is it possible to find the fine line between them so that I can connect the dots?

If you ask – Is it necessary to find a correlation between them? Well, not necessary but I do have an urge to find a deeper connection.

Also, can your dreams be philosophical and become a reality?

The answer prevails in the sea of optimism… which persists till the world is moving.

Does the sane mind infer the philosophy of insanity?

The complexity of mind is often simple but processing them into simpler form is where the complex nature curves into making conclusions.

Reality check or being philosophical….!

Which one would you choose?

Are they parallel to each other or has their route separated?

The answer is scattered in philosophical knots of time travelling in reality


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