I Do (Poem) and Thank You!


These days I come up with so many topics and ideas but somehow I just can’t see the shore.


But there is something which I wish to give back to the readers. I have always posted my poems from my book and have got a pleasant welcome on them. So keep reading to see what I have in store!

I was reviving some memories of my first poetry book and thought to share a poem which turned out adorably.

I Do

From the state of celibacy

To the state of conjugal

From abstinence of intimacy

To inseparability

No matter how stormy the paths

I vow this life

To weave in together

Because for me you’re paroxysm

Ah yes.. Finally!

Straight to the point….

I have got three copies of my book which I believe should fly to some other place and probably will grace someone’s bookshelf. I hope so!

You DON’T have to follow my blog, like or share it to receive a copy. No! That’s not the purpose. Neither it’s a giveaway nor something else.

A way of saying “THANK YOU”… Out of so many blogs, writers, poet(s) but still giving your time on this blog. I am thankful.

Just answer this question in the comments with your email address… That’s it!

Why did you choose to follow my blog?

I will contact the person who will receive the book and will post their names here (if they agree to display their names).


Did you enjoy reading my content?

Your Generous Contribution is appreciated and will help in sustaining the blog.

4 thoughts on “I Do (Poem) and Thank You!

  1. My reason for following you was your poem, Knuckles. You have written it very well and it inspired me. I thought I could learn a lot from you, as I also wanted to start writing poems. I finally did, I’ve written 3 or 4 poems now and I believe this book will help, inspire and teach me a lot about poem writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Karlien. I am happy that you have started writing poems and I read them. Keep writing and explore more writers.
      You’ll be notified of the outcome soon. Thank you much for your time. Blessings.

      Liked by 1 person

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