Do you maintain a writer’s notebook!


Being a writer it’s easy to get flown away with words but often during this shift of time, we tend to forget a few details here and there. Well, sometimes it becomes difficult to recollect those perfect scenarios we created for the characters. And at times, we overlook upon them.

I have always tried to maintain a writer’s notebook for several reasons. So when I say, writer’s notebook – I am also including my poems and any style of writing. It can be article ideas, words, quotes etc.

Let’s dive a bit deeper.

Why do you need a writer’s notebook?

1. To list your ideas

Sometimes during this constant motion of life, we tend to shirk some ideas and often we leave them in the air forever. Not sure when they will hit us back. So keep a tab open to listing all your ideas.

2. Dreams (because someday it will come true)

Write that impossible and unrealistic dream. No matter how and when it will see the light. Your poem or character needs special care and a place to be in.

3. Jot down those memories

We are here because of our memories. Writing those memories can help you in a way to make your stories or poem feel differently.

4. Stories

Remember those good old stories which leave a certain impact on us. These stories are often inspirational and get a place in our mind to develop a new story.

5. Occurrences

Remember and recollect like Sherlock Holmes! Writing stories gets tied up on certain occurrences in our life. So don’t miss that chance to write them down.


Who misses a beautiful quote!

7. Poems

Oh, where do I start? Hold that pen and look around and within. Words do en route.

8. Inspirations

Praise them or get inspired. But never forget who got you inspired. Write your inspiration for books and who influenced you to become a writer. Or inspirations for your poems or characters.

9. Doodles and Pictures

Scribble it or make something (not necessary though) to make your writings a bit more cheerful.

10. Conversations

Yes, sometimes certain conversations help lots of writers to get something interesting for their story.

I think I covered a good amount of points. Hope this helps new and upcoming writers. Though, it’s meaningful to have your writing style and follow what your words whisper to you.

The best time to plan a book is while you’re doing the dishes.

Agatha Christie


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2 thoughts on “Do you maintain a writer’s notebook!

  1. Aw yeah. I was just thinking of writing about this topic, because I’d started a writer’s notebook out of necessity. Before this, I was jotting my writerly stuff into my journal, but found that I couldn’t find them again when I needed them. Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

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