Thoughts that make poems…

Hello Readers,

Long-awaited greetings…

Here are a few poems which just occurred randomly to me. A deeper sense in writings leads to jot down those words which otherwise would have flown away.

You possess mixed qualities

but you intend to display only the bad ones.

These voids between us can’t be filled

even if there was a flood of emotions.

What are those words which rhymed in your mind?

Yesterday, I woke up in the graveyard

How is it that I can still feel pain?

My bones are shocked and have been crushed

This is purely cynical

Did anyone know how I landed here?

Fierce as it may sound

The burning sensation made multiple echoes until,

I realised that they burnt me— alive

An uninvited guest

The guest arrived unannounced

Surprisingly threatening

With unknown behaviour

Clustering those thoughts into the matrix

The future already seems unclear

But still finding sense and sensitivity

In the long run to search sanity

Let’s see who gains a victory!

To my heartbeat,

Look into my stares

And see the realm

I am your devotion poetry

Write your poems in my heart

No names of lust

Fiddle me like your instrument

Tune my strings as you do

The whole core is your canvas

Paint me with your colours

Soul to soul exchanges has taken place

Sunrises with your smile

Twilights under the black blanket

tallying stars together

Walk into the sea of my love

Your shore will disappear

Let’s clasp our hands till we get wrinkles

Cos I can’t skip a beat

Be my heartbeat till ashes


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