Art Workshops that I attended.


Learning something new is always exhilarating especially with so many talented artists around you.

Things are online even with art workshops. Yes, you miss that in-person experience but again you kind of get adjusted to online workshops. Because doing art is the ultimate aim.

I have been taking many art workshops over time and it’s fun when you can find all the materials in the house and you learn something new. Adding a new perspective and meeting new artists.

Here are particularly two such art forms which are relatively new to me and intriguing at the same time.

1. Teabag Folding and 2. Paper Cutting.

Starting with Teabag Folding, this one is something which I discovered recently. But yes, it’s unique in a way. It’s like origami but got its name from a person who started making this art using teabag paper.

How it looks!

Teabag Folding

This is a flower with some embellishments.

You can use paper that is easy to fold and preferably with some design.

Something like this:

Teabag folding paper

Now, coming to paper cutting. I did see many artists doing it but it’s kind of tricky and difficult. But again, the result is mesmerising.

Have a look!

Paper Cutting Art

So, you start with a printed image or make a drawing and cut the white part (generally). Again, it depends on the image. So with my image here, I had to cut the white part.

Printed image before cutting.
Paper cutting art

I also decorated the art with the leftover paper pieces and it’s ready to get framed.


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