Digital Illustrations using Procreate


I think I am falling for this app called “Procreate“. I remember I did a post on How I do “Digital Illustrations” a while ago and mentioned how I did my digital art. Back then, I majorly used Infinite painter and Autodesk sketchbook but now I am using Procreate.

The world of digital art is mesmerizing and quite different. I always look for something new to learn and devote my time doing the same. I knew about this app and saw many writings on how wonderful it is and heard from other artists as well.

Procreate has many different brushes and settings which makes things magical. You can also download brush sets from many different websites. Along with that, learning also becomes easy as you will find many tutorials as I did and explore this whole new world.  


It’s been quite some time that I shared some of my digital art here. These are all my art made using Procreate. I watched many tutorials (especially Art with flo) and workshops along with reading some books. I also created many with my own imagination like water women, bookmark, high, let’s connect, floral abstract, reflection etc.  

Note: You can write an email to if you wish to purchase any art prints of the following digital art. Sizes available: A4 and A5 

Have a look… (oh yes, there is a GIF which is also made by Procreate)

Window with a skyline view
Earth hour
Sunset City
Mountain Deer
Mountain Swing
Moon through a keyhole
This one is a bookmark which I created
Water Woman
Eye (I blurred the eyebrow so that the eye is prominent)
Mount Fuji
Deep ocean (I learned this one from a workbook which had step-by-step guide)
Iris with a Twirl
Rocket GIF
Simple Mandala
On a mission
Floral Abstract

Let’s connect

More in progress. I hope you liked them and would find some meaning all the way. Blessings…

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