How extra-curricular activities made me a better researcher.


Thinking out of the box remains my primary focus while keenly observing my research path. This might be not a new revelation about- how research should be looked at, in a broader perspective to expose experiments and gain more perceptions into interdisciplinary research. I have completely fallen for such innovative trials of mixing up several things together. Extra-curricular activities are such training which helps gain competitive skills and makes you capable of having something different.

Such activities boost knowledge inside and outside of the lab. It marks up your understanding of unique concepts with a more comprehensive grasp on the subject. It is also estimated that around 30% of your extra-curricular activities are taken into consideration for application evaluation. I have gathered a few points and activities which helped me to become a better researcher.

Freelance writing or blogging

Writing scientific papers, a grant proposal is a significant task in research. There is no escape from them and what makes it easy is when you have a set of writing experience. It’s an impending step that will arise at any time of your career. I have perpetually tried to look for more writing task because you also tend to research on topics and with that, it increases your search quality and knowledge. The pursuit of writing has constantly helped me multiple my skills. I have also achieved a proper guided and structured format in writing. Freelance or blogging writing works are great to start with and get some hands-on and additionally get paid for your work.


Volunteering work in STEM has encouraged me to gain and grow my network and perspective. You tend to learn teamwork and achieve results in a diverse group of people. I particularly volunteer for 1 Million Women in STEM + Art the Science Blog and write about historic women scientists who made a great contribution to STEM + about sci-artists. The extensive research on personalities and coordinating with other team members who work in different research fields has ignited many qualities and opportunities. I have also volunteered for different causes which have always provided a better philosophy.

Mentorship program

By mentoring students, you not only teach them but also learn from them. This interactive approach is a great way to acquire and help yourself gain leadership skills, a sense of achievement that you help others. Always consider mentorship programs have two-way communication since it develops a transferable skill. This particularly reinforces your field of study and gradually gaining ideas to develop your research.

Journal clubs

Discussing and evaluating the literature review is an excellent exercise if you join a journal club. Meeting peers working in diverse research groups and investigating findings is fun and engaging. The more you learn, the more you discover. Periodically, differences in opinion equally promote a contrasting style of thinking. You also learn problem-solving and how to broaden your skills. Research evolves and keeping yourself updated has become an important notion.

Independent Research or Design your project

I have found out how carrying one’s project is useful and sparks curiosity within. It all starts with asking questions and finding a solution to the problem. This long quest helps in designing a research project and you start searching right from research papers, scrutinizing them, navigating through the methodology and reaching a conclusion. Through this process, it has supported me to read and write further and better.

There are a vast number of activities that anyone can take up and start their exploration.


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