Who cares if I don’t blog? No one!


This is not a usual post. I guess so!

I always think about whether my blog post has been read by anyone? At the time same, I get to hear: “You should write for yourself”…

Agreed! But the truth is: somewhere we write our thought so that people can read them. Something I have been noticing for a while now is that: more people have started writing on various platforms.

Like someone said, “There are more writers than readers”. The fact is – writing can be infectious and you can’t question anyone’s passion for it. Several writers want to publish their books (because they aim that from start), some write as a part of their interest, and the majority earn from it.

The point is: Who cares if I don’t blog?

No one!

I have reasons for my thoughts… Imagine when you have so many options, you have to narrow down your choice on whom to read.

In that process, you will select your favourite(s) because more so you can relate to them. Mostly, it would have been just one post that knocked your attention.

Apart from your peer writers, there are great authors, poets, and writers who are established. So it’s bound that you have to choose your writers who deserve your time.

As an author-poet, I always feel grateful for the readers time because that’s what a reader can give. One of the greatest and valuable thing- TIME.

Coming back to my point… out of so many writers, if I don’t blog – nobody will care. It’s a bit intense way to say it but I don’t want to sugar coat my words.


If you ask me: Will I care if I don’t blog? Of course yes!

Reason: That’s why you just read this blog!


Did you enjoy reading my content?

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14 thoughts on “Who cares if I don’t blog? No one!

  1. You made some excellent points! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I am grateful to have read your post today. It made me realize a thing or two.

    Much love and abundance👣❤

    Liked by 1 person

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