Ruskin Bond Teaches Writing…


Today – 19 May 2021: Ruskin Bond turns 87 years younger. His writings have always been fresh and unique. So I thought this the best day to write about the masterclass I took on Unlu class.

A few days ago, I came across this online class on BookMyShow which was organized by Unlu class which read: “RUSKIN BOND TEACHES WRITING”.

With my instinct, I immediately clicked on the tab and looked for more information.

Let me take you to some key points about his class and what will you learn.

It’s a 28 episode class where he touches upon topics from why write to writers don’t retire. Also, once you purchase the class from Unlu you get lifetime access to the videos. So that’s a bonus.

While addressing the question: Why Write? He tells, “Write something for yourself like capture that learning”. For example, if you love someone write about that experience.

He says, “Kids are born storyteller”. Something so true. Don’t you think, as a child you often described things that happened in school or on a vacation with so much enthusiasm!

Then he brushes upon types of writers which are: Subjective and Objective writers. So subjective writers are the ones who write about their own life or experiences and on the other hand, objective writers write about other people like a crime story writer.

Moving on… To writer’s block! He says… have a structure, plan it – to avoid that block.

An interesting question came up: Why do we remember certain books? Because certain characters stand out!

Examples: The Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield

A character like Hercule Poirot (a fictional character in Agatha Christie novel). Likewise, few characters live upon and stay longer.

For him, Rusty is his alter ego.

Then he talks about how simple thoughts can change to polished ideas. Sometimes by simply putting your dreams on paper and developing it. Also, being persistent is important.

Using your surroundings and adding those minute detail as RK Narayan wrote about Malgudi. For Ruskin Bond, it’s nature: the mountains, people etc.

Moving on… he briefly touches upon topics like first to final draft, book titles, editing, publishing, marketing, criticism, power of observation, and the importance of research and reading.

He also mentions the qualities of a good writer. To which the first point is discipline. He also says not to be desk-bound. Mentally all writers keep writing but take time to write physically by sitting down. Missing few days is not a big deal but don’t keep on delaying.

Creating your niche is something which he mentions briefly and how to handle success. Even though, struggles will be your companion but don’t get disappointed.

He says, “Maybe your first book is not an overnight hit but your patience and persistence will reap the benefits”.

So on…

Lastly, that one thing which he said which I would like to add in the conclusion.

“Writing is a commitment that you make with yourself and so writers don’t retire”.

It’s always a treat to listen to such a legendary writer who has a career span of 70 years. So, I would highly recommend you to check out his class and get the teaching for yourself.

Though I tried my best to write some key points still, it won’t do any justice to all those wonderful 28 episodes of learning.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.


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