The wind which took my soul… (Poem)


Here’s a poem from my sanity which prevails all odds!

The wind which took my soul

appeared in my dream

To wither my tangled thoughts

What can you do with this torrid spirit?

growing droplets of passion ever since you moved

This place feels like my thirst

engulfed in fear of you…

You were pristine up until now,

I hold the light for your shore

in the prevailing sun

Which is why you don’t catch a glimpse of me!

but I stood at moonlight to be covered in the darkness

of my reflections

I see the storm coming near me — untouched

In the wake of the silent auction

My introspections commenced your path of honour

With the ever-changing seasons, I too stood in confrontation

wishing you peek a look into my soul

Scarcely to intensify my whereabouts

only to find the wind took away my soul…


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7 thoughts on “The wind which took my soul… (Poem)

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