Do you keep a poetry journal? (Get your poetry journal now)

Hello Readers…

If you’re someone who loves to write poems then this post is for you.

As a published author-poet, I can put more emphasis on keeping a plain notebook to jot down your thoughts and ideas. You never know when and how you will get some amazing ideas.

But have you thought about keeping a poetry journal?

Yes, I do keep an exclusive poetry journal where I only write my poems. I try to collect new words, thoughts (to be framed), and titles (which I need to elaborate on). Though everyone has a different process to write their poems. Nevertheless, accumulating all your ideas into one place will help you write more and you will not forget some impressive ideas which often gets carried away with your thoughts.

So, I have designed a Poetry E-Journal!

Please note: This Poetry Journal is a digital product.

So when you purchase it, you will receive an email with the attached poetry journal.

This poetry journal will help you write some beautiful poems. The colourful pages and word prompts will guide you to write your thoughts and convert them into poems.

Also with weekly to do’s for poems and pages to check your progress. Surely, you will be able to create at least a few poems.

Size of the journal (A4): 21 x 29.7 cm or 8.2 x 11.6 inch (This information is given with a thought — if in case you decide to get it printed).

Available in PDF format only!

And yes, I have kept the price as low as possible so that anyone and everyone can buy one.

Get yours for just $2 (150 INR). Click the button below to order your copy!

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