Rhythms of Bombay (Poem)

Hello Readers…

Here’s my take on the dream city -Mumbai (Bombay). These are my observation of people around the city. Stories that roll into a poem!

Rhythms of Bombay

On a memorable day, I was rummaging through old stocks of things

The sense and touch of a good old city…

A rare postcard emerged in the chest of drawers

Stains of chai encircled the postcard, fainted writing of ink pen made a rare appearance on the address panel

I had the embellishment of time to move across many such postcards making a revisit of many such regions

The chimes and rhymes of mixed species

Some spirited with work, some vague in process

Few in luxury and rest all in scarcity

But all with the same temperament to make a fortune

Phoning and mumbling through connections

Loitering for timely locals which even rains can’t stop

Struggling for a perch in a rather chaotic habitat

Vendors negotiating for a variety of quirks

People who bless you — no matter how small the denominator you gave…

From the marines, the sea looks mesmerising even with the wrath

The sweet sound of strings making it calm

The rattle of noises, a splatter of wind — making it worth a while

On some days while going back to shacks —

Briskly walks through many destinations, then

to stop for a snack of two and

washing them down with some titillating elachi chai

Packing the same for three more tummies —

all while listening to “Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana“…

Suddenly, the aroma of Arabian jasmine and firecracker flowers hits your nostril with fond memories –

asking the tiny boy to wrap them in a leaf for a few coins

along with a few Palash for the deities.

With many joyous marbles,

the days move closer to fate

Often with a blink of moments —

an eternity leaves behind with such rhythms.

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