Procreate Art Prints, Blog Card and more!

Hello Readers…

I have been designing few things for my art store and would like to share them in this blog post.

1) Blog card

What’s that? It’s a kind of business card but a bit more with individuality! The blog card is something that you can use to introduce your blog and can pass on as a business card… Digitally!

You can reach out to me at to design your blog card at a nominal charge.

2) Procreate Art Prints

I have got a few of my procreate art printed and you can now place the order for them.

Price: For A4 size art prints @150/- per print and for A5 size art prints @100/- per print with Free Shipping.

To order just write an email to with your requirements.

3) Handmade Premium Spiral Bind Notebook (A5 size)

Price: 150/- with Free Shipping

To order just write an email to with your requirements. *More patterns and colours available for cover page*

4) Poetry Postcard

Price: Set of 5 poetry postcards @150/- with Free Shipping

To order just write an email to with your requirements.

Thank you very much for reading my blog post.


Did you enjoy reading my content?

Your Generous Contribution is appreciated and will help in sustaining the blog.

13 thoughts on “Procreate Art Prints, Blog Card and more!

  1. Awww they are so pretty!!! I absolutely love the tiny QR scanner in the card. The postcard poetry is such a pretty idea and the design aaaa its so beautiful!! I want one! Are there more postcard options to choose from? 🙈
    I miss your figure paintings the initial kind you made traditionally on paper. 🤩😍😍

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    1. Hello Shruba… Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful comment. Happy to read your comment after so long. At present, I have 2 poetry postcards design – You can choose from them. I will soon start again with traditional painting.

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    2. Hey Shruba… I do have more poetry postcards that you can choose from but there are on – print on demand (currently). So if you want to see them just send an email to and you can select whichever you like and I can get them printed. Thank you!

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    3. Aww that’s wonderful!! Yes, I’m going to email you soon! Will check out your store too, thanks for sharing these here. Look forward to some stationary shopping, like treating myself right after my book release! 😍😍💕

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Of course! I had visited it once when you were still just getting it established I think but I’m sure it’s become all the more beautiful now! Ayee thanks, that will be awesome. I know I’ll remember to mail you but it’s been so hectic with Summer School, working freelance and this book release, it would have still taken me awhile to get back to you there 🙈
      You can just delete the comment after you have used it from here! No worries ☺🥳

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