Will you follow my blog if I was famous? (A talk through the post).

Hello Readers…

Warning: This post will appear flawed for some and great for others.

In both cases, I acknowledge it. So don’t worry.

Does this question arise within you sometimes: It was possible (anything) for them because they are famous?

A known personality reaches a point where they have great followings. Probably, people are attracted to their success because they show what our human race can achieve. Some are truly exceptional and have the magnetic power to bring in attention from people.

My point is not how becoming famous is the only thing to attain anything but rather what is the approach towards it!

So my question is: Will I have more followers for my blog or writings if I was famous?

Hmmm… A delicate one, right? We both (me and you) know the answer within but… It’s still difficult!

Now, how many of us are curious to know about the pattern of fame? For a few, they want to know what their idols did to reach a point of success, some from sheer admiration. There can be many more reasons.

Whatever our answers are, we know the whole process is not effortless. If at all it was, sustaining it for a longer time would be difficult.

Yes. That’s it! Even though, I am still searching for my answers…

If you feel my post is worth commenting then please don’t hesitate. Go ahead! Also, let me know if I ignited any thought in you! That’s a real present.

Note: If you cannot resonate with any of my writings or think it’s just another blog then please feel free to unfollow my blog.


Did you enjoy reading my content?

Your Generous Contribution is appreciated and will help in sustaining the blog.

2 thoughts on “Will you follow my blog if I was famous? (A talk through the post).

  1. 🙂 I do not follow blogs because the owner of the blog is famous. I follow blogs because of the content that they contain.

    Well, if a famous person is providing me with quality content, I will consider it a plus.

    Liked by 1 person

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