New Style…New Contents…Old Me!

Hello Readers…

Change is guaranteed when you learn more!

If you’re new to my blog then welcome. If you happen to scan through my blog post then you must have noticed that there are no specific topics I write about and that’s because I like to explore more and write about them. Whether it’s a workshop that I attended or some artworks which I made. Then, there are posts in the form of philosophical content including poetry.

Sometimes, I do think of finding my niche and write only on a single topic but then I think of sharing my experience, philosophy etc. This space is for my creative mind and that will include endless things out of my imagination.

But… things will change or at least I will bring in some more creative writing into my blog post (hopefully). I honestly don’t know what per cent of people read my blog posts and whether those who read my blog(s) genuinely enjoy reading them.

After all, it’s a trial and error method!

Also, I have some new product designs for my art store that have been updated on the website. Check it out here

To order any products email:

Did you enjoy reading my content?

Your generous contribution is appreciated and will help in sustaining the blog.

Note: If you cannot resonate with any of my writings or think it’s just another blog then please feel free to unfollow my blog.

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