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Who cares if I don’t blog? No one!

Greetings... This is not a usual post. I guess so! I always think about whether my blog post has been read by anyone? At the time same, I get to hear: “You should write for yourself”... Agreed! But the truth is: somewhere we write our thought so that people can read them. Something I have… Continue reading Who cares if I don’t blog? No one!

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Gayathri Granny (Short Story)

I never knew reading has such a power. It was before publishing my first book that,  I joined the library which was close to my house. I had a month before joining my research work. So, I decided to join the library and help them by managing books and records. Maybe, it was destined because it is through the library - I got introduced to my publisher. As an avid reader, the idea to surround yourself with books itself is fascinating, a dream come true, for a reader. I was indeed lucky! I was with them for around 10-15 days but got many precious experiences and got to meet new people (rather readers). I also remember, writing a newspaper article for the library to boost more readers and invited more people to join libraries around.  One such story from my memory is about Gayathri Granny.… Continue reading Gayathri Granny (Short Story)

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A conversation with my shadow…

“Read Carefully” A bright day..... Sunshine’s and brought a smile. Shadow comes in... Slowly Falling adjacent to me! And said, “You have become independent”. Oh! Look who says... I have to! Why? Ha hah hah... You leave me alone when I am in dark and what I am I suppose to do? Becoming me! Shhh...… Continue reading A conversation with my shadow…

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Inspiring Journal (Printable)

Hello Readers, Journaling is a good exercise for your mind. Keeping a journal and jotting down your thoughts is like engraving meaningful thoughts forever. It helps to clear negative feelings and through that, you can understand yourself better. So, I have created an undated journal which you can download by clicking the link below. I… Continue reading Inspiring Journal (Printable)

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One Year Of My Book- A Walkthrough

Hello Readers, Time drifts to embrace new changes in our life.I would like to extend my gratitude towards everyone who supported me in the journey. Publishing my book has always been my dream and then a goal. I was very adamant about doing it with lots of passion and zeal. That it finally happened a… Continue reading One Year Of My Book- A Walkthrough

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Things to own…

Hello 👋 All, These are certain things which are useful and great options to gift someone. Here's the list... 1) Now it's all about sustainable living. Using eco-friendly products. So let's say no to plastic.. Stainless Steel Straw and cleaner Bamboo/Charcoal Toothbrush Bamboo Cutlery Wooden Comb 2) Musical Instrument If you're someone who always wished… Continue reading Things to own…