Her Many Forms

Dear Readers, Sharing my new painting - Her Many Forms. Living in a society with many wonderful women. We all blend in with our characters. Every woman portrays different aspects of emotion. Uplifting others is a mark of a true woman. Write down your comments about the painting. Stay Positive

From Jenny R. (Hatred to Fondness) (Tiny Short Story)

Hello Readers, I am trying my hands on to type a tiny short story. I am exploring this genre for the first time and welcome your thoughts on this piece. Story Begins............ 30 September 2019 She disappeared into a blurred image for her last chemo session. That sight which no one wants to see for …

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My Research Content (MRC) (New Series)

Starting today..... I have been thinking of doing my research content series for a long time now. Since my background in biotechnology has helped me in identifying various things. This series will include literature reviews about any particular topic, research which I perform and awareness topics. I think it's always better to share what you …

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