Old Man Hippie (Story Time)

A conversation with an old man hippie! Strange and weird linings of my conversation with him. The time when I met him... A rather fragile being in his 70s with a rare sense of philosophy. Grounded to the existence makes you believe that there is a parallel world. I had a few questions to ask... Continue Reading →

Things To Do (Magazine Version)

Hello Readers, Hope everyone is safe. A creative magazine version of things to do at this time. Here are my tried and tested ideas. Start a hobby and learn for life! Hope you liked it. Stay Positive- Stay Safe

Stay Safe.

It's a difficult situation for all of us. We need to stay safe and break the chain. In this crucial period, we should also take care of our mental health. It's very important to stay calm and positive. So for our inner child. Here's Roger who will share a few tips. Over and out! Stay... Continue Reading →

Her Many Forms

Dear Readers, Sharing my new painting - Her Many Forms. Living in a society with many wonderful women. We all blend in with our characters. Every woman portrays different aspects of emotion. Uplifting others is a mark of a true woman. Write down your comments about the painting. Stay Positive

My Research Content (MRC) (New Series)

Starting today..... I have been thinking of doing my research content series for a long time now. Since my background in biotechnology has helped me in identifying various things. This series will include literature reviews about any particular topic, research which I perform and awareness topics. I think it's always better to share what you... Continue Reading →

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