My lost passion…

Greetings...It was once my only passion. Perfecting the art, every time I performed. Somewhere along with the time it just faded away. I will not make an excuse of insufficient time. No never!But I lost you due to my fault.  It was recently, I opened my treasure box and saw their glimpse. Rummaging through old... Continue Reading →

52 Daily Affirmation Thoughts (Printable)

Hello Readers, Positive thoughts are like food for the soul. Agree? Pick up a random card and read an affirmation thought. The thought instantly fills you up with hope. So, sharing my 52 daily affirmation thoughts (printable) Stay Positive.

One Year Of My Book- A Walkthrough

Hello Readers, Time drifts to embrace new changes in our life.I would like to extend my gratitude towards everyone who supported me in the journey. Publishing my book has always been my dream and then a goal. I was very adamant about doing it with lots of passion and zeal. That it finally happened a... Continue Reading →

Flip Your Life

Hello Readers, Sharing a glimpse of the experience life taught me. There was a phase in my life, which didn't go according to my plan. A state which I couldn't explain it to anyone. But there is one aspect- I never said, it's my dreadful time. Why did it happen to me? Perhaps, I was... Continue Reading →

Start Up Your Ideas

When you are small, you have to be very focused and rely on your brain, not your strength- Jack Ma If you realize that you have big dreams of starting up something by your own. Then it's time to work up your ideas. Having an implicit idea is the first step and then comes the... Continue Reading →

Books I Recommend….New Series

Hello Reader, Hope you're doing well. Today I am going to share another side of me. And that is - Self-claimed ardent reader. If you have read my bio, you will get what I am talking about. I am not going to use the typical cliche sentence - I love reading books. Even though that's... Continue Reading →

Painting All The Way…….

Hello All, Hope everything is going well. Today I am gonna share a few paintings and sketches of mine which I have done lately. My major stress busted is definitely PAINTING AND SKETCHING..... It gives you a freedom to let out your emotions through colours. Have a look at them... Hope you liked it. Stay... Continue Reading →

My paintings..

It's been some days after I rekindled my passion for painting. Since then I have been painting on different themes. I have got immense happiness while doing it. A great amount of concentration and relief from negative thoughts. So here are some paintings and sketches I have been doing for some while. Stay Positive.

A letter written by Inner Self

Dear Buddy, Hope you're doing well. I don't know whats happening with you for the past few years. Where is the zing you had for life? Life will give you, what you want. Please give some time to it. Things may seem like random at times but trust me it will fall like the perfect... Continue Reading →

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