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Vrinstorio stands for Vrinda’s Store Studio

Welcome to my small shop where you can buy handmade and exclusively designed products. If you wish to shop for any product- please click on the “BUY” button and you will be redirected to the contact form page. Mention the product code and order size. You will receive further details as soon as possible.

Handmade Premium Spiral Bind Notebook

Product code #2814

Handmade Notebook to write and draw your imagination.

A4 size, 100 pages, 85 gsm plain paper

Cover: Hardbound paper with a transparent sheet

Price: 250/- with Free Shipping

Please Note: You will receive a random colour.

*You can also customize the cover page at no extra cost*

Handmade Block Printed Tote Bag

Product code #2815

Handmade tote bag. Cotton durable canvas reusable shopping bag.

Dimensions: 14″ X 16″ X 4″

Price: 150/- with Free Shipping

Abstract Art

Product code #2816

Theme: Earthy

Dimensions: 30cm X 30cm

Made on MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) round board

Price: 350/- with Free Shipping

Collage on Canvas

Product code #2817

Theme: THINK

Dimension: 15.24 cm X 20.32 cm (6×8)

Price: 200/- with Free Shipping

Abstract Art

Product code #2818


Theme: Imagination

Price: 450/- with Free Shipping

Watercolour Painting

Product code #2819

Theme: Women in a forest

A5 size, 300 gsm paper (frame included).

Price: 350/- with Free Shipping

Poetry Postcards

Product code #2801

Poetry Postcards are my passion project. Handmade with dedication! 

Poem on one side and simple design on another side. Great for gifting.

Set of 5 poetry postcards with envelopes

Price: 499/- (Free Shipping all over India)

*Custom made orders can be taken upon request*

Journal Cards

Product code #2802

Set of 6 beautiful journal cards for all the journal lovers. Journaling is therapy and we are here to make it even more exciting to you.

Price: 499/- (Free Shipping all over India)

Digital Art Prints

Product code #2803

Digital art prints in A5 size (Set of 11)

Price: 499/- (Free Shipping all over India)

Wedding Special Poetry Card

Product code #2893

This card is a collage work. So it’s a sustainable option to gift.
*Personalize your poem*

Price: 250/- (Special Case included) with Free Shipping

Bookmarks (Pristine Series)

Product code # 2804

Set of 3 handmade block printed bookmarks

Price: 200/- (Free Shipping all over India)

Bookmarks (The Night Series)

Product code #2805

Set of 4 handmade block printed bookmarks

Price: 250/- (Free Shipping all over India)

The 2021 Kit

Curated and Designed by Vrinda

Product code # 2812


The 2021 kit consists of 10 things which will be useful and yet a thoughtful gift to yourself or anyone.

What will you get?
1) 2021 desk calendar with stand (Designed by Vrinda)
2) Handmade Notebook Journal (Made by VN) 3) Tote Bag
4) Staedtler pencil
5) 2 Pen
6) Set of 2 Handmade bookmarks (Made by VN) 7) Set of 2 Bird Paperclip
8) Handmade Jean book sleeve (Made by VN)
9) Mobile Pouch
10) Handmade artwork by Vrinda

*You will also receive a surprise gift with your order*

Price: 950/- (Free Shipping all over India)

Christmas/ New Year Cards

Product Code #2827


Gift some wishes to your loved ones. Get the Christmas/New Year cards and add a special touch!

Price: 350/- (Set of 3) ~A5 Size with Free Shipping


Product code #2806

Price: Free

Digital Illustration Prints

Product code #2807

You can get a print of my digital illustrations in A4 or A5 size. Chose any one image and mention the product code.

Price: 399/- (A4) and 299/- (A5) with Free Shipping all over India

Collage Poetry Card

Product code #2808

Words can do wonders~ Collecting words from different places and binding them together.

Price: 300/- (Set of 3~A5 size ) with Free Shipping all over India.

Collage Art Card

Product code #2811

Have a look at my imagination through my collage work.

Price: 150/- (For one card) (A5 size ) with Free Shipping all over India.

Handmade Notebook

Product code #2809

Your thoughts need a home! The handmade notebook can provide the perfect place for all your running ideas.
Hardbound (covered with beautiful woven cloth) with Binder ring (120 blank pages~ 85 gsm paper)

Price: 250/- with Free Shipping

Printable Cuttings/Stickers

Product Code #2810

Get 30 colourful pieces of printable cuttings. Use them as stickers and make your journal or notebook beautiful.

Price: 100/- with Free Shipping

*Note: You will receive random designs*

Collage on Canvas

Product code #2813

(Theme: “In search for humanity”)

Details: Rectangular Medium Grain 100% Cotton Canvas Board, Approx wt: 0.415 kg, Size: 12 x 16 inch, Dimensions: 42 x 32 x 2.5 cm

Price: 600/- with Free Shipping

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Blessings… VRINDA NAIR

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