The Artistic Scientist In Me!

Greetings... I vividly remember writing an essay about - My Ambition. It was a ritual in school and I always jumped at the opportunity to write. Ever since my ambition to become a scientist grew in me. I build up a small laboratory in my room with a microscope and other small equipment like a... Continue Reading →

Learn Ink and Pen Drawing

Greetings... It's Inktober. And here's another learn series. I have been doing some ink and pen drawing with many styles and colours. And having a wonderful time doing these art forms apart from my canvas painting. What is Ink and Pen drawing? The idea is to use a pen to apply ink to a surface.... Continue Reading →

Learn Block Printing (Fabric).

Greetings... I remember attending a workshop on block printing on fabric and don't know how I missed posting about it. I was just scanning my blog and learnt I have posted quite a few- Learn this series! To be honest, I have posted only those learn this- post, which I have tried myself. Because I... Continue Reading →

Learn Calligraphy.

Greetings, Calligraphy has been always on my checklist. The art is so mesmerising that you instantly fall in love with it. Gradually, the urge of learning the art arises. Trust me, you can't resist yourself once you see all those videos and artwork. So, I decided to tick that off by taking up some courses.... Continue Reading →

That old artist…

Hello Readers, Here comes another small thought story. This story is about an old man who is an instant caricature artist. I happened to see him this Saturday at the mall. He sits near the food court where most people gather. I was observing him for a long time. Everyone went up to him and... Continue Reading →

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