Who and What is Solopreneur?

Greetings... You all must have heard about Entrepreneur. So, there is no need to introduce it again. Then, let me focus on solopreneur. Who and what is a solopreneur? Though the meaning is not something new, it's fascinating to know the word. Solopreneur is someone who manages, organizes and calculate the risk of a business... Continue Reading →

Weighing Equality

Equality isn't voluntary, it's necessary- unknown We often talk about equality in various terms. Equality shouldn't be only for gender but also in every piece of reality. For starters, equality between colleagues in a workspace, barriers between high-class and low-class etc. Gender equality has gained attention over the years and it is an important step... Continue Reading →

Put a closure to drug abuse

  A poster message, “Bury them or they will soon bury you - Choice is yours”.   The increasing amount of victims of drug abuse is afflictive. The rise in youngsters is even more painful to consume. Any addiction in any form is life-threatening. But it's also seen in people from all walks of life.... Continue Reading →

The Unsung Idol- “Father”

Hello Readers, A heartfelt article about a hero. A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way- Unknown We worship and dedicate our lives to the almighty. But he has sent an idol into our life who... Continue Reading →

Cultivate Reading Habit…

The clutch on reading... The following article written by me is published in today's Vashi Times Newspaper. I am happy to share it here... “We read to know that we are not alone”- C.S. Lewis.    We cherish many things in our life. We reach out to many different activities in our spare time. Reading... Continue Reading →

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