Starting a small business (My experience).

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes, 1 second. Contains 1451 words. Hello Readers... If you're planning to start your small business or already running one then, this post may be helpful for you. P.S. This is probably a long post so, please read if you have time to skimp on. Also, not an expert opinion. Please… Continue reading Starting a small business (My experience).

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Who and What is Solopreneur?

Greetings... You all must have heard about Entrepreneur. So, there is no need to introduce it again. Then, let me focus on solopreneur. Who and what is a solopreneur? Though the meaning is not something new, it's fascinating to know the word. Solopreneur is someone who manages, organizes and calculate the risk of a business… Continue reading Who and What is Solopreneur?