Learn Block Printing (Fabric).

Greetings... I remember attending a workshop on block printing on fabric and don't know how I missed posting about it. I was just scanning my blog and learnt I have posted quite a few- Learn this series! To be honest, I have posted only those learn this- post, which I have tried myself. Because I... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Living Ideas…

Hello Readers, Hope you're doing good and staying safe. I just found one more interest which I am going crazy about and that's stitching. I made some bags from old fabrics and jeans, book sleeve, mask etc. I believe in reusing some old stuff and creating something new. So here are my tried and tested... Continue Reading →

What i carry in my BAG…..

Hello, This is something which you must have seen in videos...What's in my bag? I know this is not something new. But, hey... What's wrong in it anyway? To me, this topic is something very intriguing. So I thought to make it into a blog post and share it. And what if you also get... Continue Reading →

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