How to invest in yourself!

Greetings... This particular topic was on my checklist for ages. But of course, I couldn't frame it as I wanted and kept this on the loop. Investing in yourself without the guilt of feeling selfish to an extent is a necessary step. We are surrounded by different thoughts and taking out time for ourselves has... Continue Reading →

Gifts For Book Lovers!

Greetings... Ever since I saw this post on Pinterest, I always wished to add a few of my favourite gifts too. If you follow my blog, then it is not a new revelation that- I am a Bibliophile. My pursuit of writing and reading has directed me to publish three books so far which you... Continue Reading →

How she became brave! (Short Story)

Greetings... *This short story got featured in The Oak Summit: The Soothsayer's Ink Edition-I (Heart it out)* Sharing it with this community of wonderful writers and readers. June 1980 Those eyes played with her innocence. She constantly remembered her grandmother with a tear.  Listening to her stories about her childhood caused me to identify with her greatly. ... Continue Reading →

Women in STEM.

Greetings... Uplifting others is her true hallmark See-through women’s heart You will see her mark! I am honoured and delighted to be featured in 1 Million Women in STEM as a Role Model for future girls in STEM. 1 million women in STEM is the biggest global women in STEM campaign. The mission is to... Continue Reading →

I am in you (Poem)

This is not a favour I heard the rush in you - that was only for me Don't shy away... Your mannerism is hypnotic It feels like a special honour Imbibing you in my senses - when the silence of the night can be heard Your orb unveil a rather coy response You stood there,... Continue Reading →

Childhood Dream!

Greetings... Who doesn't have a childhood dream? We all must have had one. Though it changes in due course of our life. But still, we dream big. Sometimes, it stays on, and few probably get it done. Few changes with our perspective and interest. My interest in science grew with me. Doing research on diverse... Continue Reading →

Gayathri Granny (Short Story)

I never knew reading has such a power. It was before publishing my first book that,  I joined the library which was close to my house. I had a month before joining my research work. So, I decided to join the library and help them by managing books and records. Maybe, it was destined because it is through the library - I got introduced to my publisher. As an avid reader, the idea to surround yourself with books itself is fascinating, a dream come true, for a reader. I was indeed lucky! I was with them for around 10-15 days but got many precious experiences and got to meet new people (rather readers). I also remember, writing a newspaper article for the library to boost more readers and invited more people to join libraries around.  One such story from my memory is about Gayathri Granny.... Continue Reading →

A Record Holder! + (New Book)

Hello Readers, I am extremely delighted to compose this post. I am a record holder now... India book of records has confirmed my record for writing a 26 lines poem in alphabetical order both at the start and end of the line. The title of the poem is Abuzz. Read my record poem in my... Continue Reading →

My Adopted Self

Ever since I was born I constantly searched -- For that mark of identity Mirror to mirror conversations lead to false impressions Sheer darkness covered my thoughts A placed appeared to be whimsical I placed my sheet To let know of my identity A mixture of connections occurred in habitat A call of Visionary --... Continue Reading →

We the women

Hello Readers, Sharing one of my poems from my book It's a carnal world. This is my favourite one. Judgmental Reflection The women who wear a bindi The women who wear shorts The women who have earrings The women who have piercing The women who are gutsy The women who are skittish The folks who... Continue Reading →

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