Poetry Postcards by Letters@Work

Greetings... Poetry is a bottled fragrance which spreads the notion of poetic life. Letters@Work has come up with “Poetry Postcards”. Handmade with passion! Letters@Work You can also email us at: contact@vrindabn.in Poetry Postcards by L@W (Introductory offer) Gift a poem! We are delighted to send over poetic words across. It's our passion project. Blessings...

How she became brave! (Short Story)

Greetings... *This short story got featured in The Oak Summit: The Soothsayer's Ink Edition-I (Heart it out)* Sharing it with this community of wonderful writers and readers. June 1980 Those eyes played with her innocence. She constantly remembered her grandmother with a tear.  Listening to her stories about her childhood caused me to identify with her greatly.  … Continue reading How she became brave! (Short Story)