Gifts For Book Lovers!

Greetings... Ever since I saw this post on Pinterest, I always wished to add a few of my favourite gifts too. If you follow my blog, then it is not a new revelation that- I am a Bibliophile. My pursuit of writing and reading has directed me to publish three books so far which you... Continue Reading →

Poetry through pictures.

Hello Readers, Sharing a few poems which I wrote for my friends, professor's and family as a gift to celebrate one year of my book ( It's carnal World).These are poetry through pictures.  Hope you enjoyed reading them.Stay positive and safe.

One Year Of My Book- A Walkthrough

Hello Readers, Time drifts to embrace new changes in our life.I would like to extend my gratitude towards everyone who supported me in the journey. Publishing my book has always been my dream and then a goal. I was very adamant about doing it with lots of passion and zeal. That it finally happened a... Continue Reading →

Some Moments of Introspection

(Poem from my book) Dear Alter Ego, I am your inner self To whom you bleat I know you’re in vehement I remember the last time- I saw you were assertive But now with no zing The illusion that you carry About life – is a pipe dream is not echt You forgot that I... Continue Reading →

Thank You…..

Dear Readers, It's been an only few days since my first book (It’s a carnal world- A collection of poems) got released. I am already on cloud nine and overwhelmed with the wishes from my friends, relatives and other acquaintance. The dream of publishing my book has been on my list of goals for a... Continue Reading →

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