Loneliness.. Is it good or bad?

How often do you feel lonely? Even if there are many people around you. A certain sense of loneliness is a dispatched thought of our psyche. Or maybe there ain't no one in our life to feel content. Some people can't handle many people in life and that's the way they like it. But there... Continue Reading →

Painting All The Way…….

Hello All, Hope everything is going well. Today I am gonna share a few paintings and sketches of mine which I have done lately. My major stress busted is definitely PAINTING AND SKETCHING..... It gives you a freedom to let out your emotions through colours. Have a look at them... Hope you liked it. Stay... Continue Reading →

My paintings..

It's been some days after I rekindled my passion for painting. Since then I have been painting on different themes. I have got immense happiness while doing it. A great amount of concentration and relief from negative thoughts. So here are some paintings and sketches I have been doing for some while. Stay Positive.

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