Knuckles… (Poem)

The voids in between remind me of that propensity Pointing towards those excessive trust I embark upon Uncontrolled insanity marked those emotions fibbing in nerves It’s hard to differentiate between the known and unknown perception Dating back those obsessed passion, pressed marks vacated in haste Leaving all of sudden with a kiss on the knuckle … More Knuckles… (Poem)

Saturnine… (Poem)

This is my poetic perspective of loneliness. Freed my eyes to the darkness, dominating to a branch of my fear. Remains of dust particles rested around me. Dead cells with ashes were wafting like those eye floaters. It seemed the realm abandoned me, I was secluded. Found no big hearts, minced my hopes, smudged eyelashes … More Saturnine… (Poem)

Negotiation (Poem)

Yes! I have a skin colour I don’t weigh – typical My imperfections – They become my strength My endurance is beyond imagination I choose to be silent at the juncture Not that I am vulnerable, since my resilience is much higher than the ideals I like to stand out in the throng Pushing all … More Negotiation (Poem)

I am in you (Poem)

This is not a favour I heard the rush in you – that was only for me Don’t shy away… Your mannerism is hypnotic It feels like a special honour Imbibing you in my senses – when the silence of the night can be heard Your orb unveil a rather coy response You stood there, … More I am in you (Poem)

Warrior Women (Poem)

A little girl with a guileless smile wanted to save her life, before catastrophe – Why? Because she was deemed- An omission Her days elapsed before her like a house of cards Gathering those scattered pieces of mind She envisaged- Her future self A puissant and brave women whose failures became her backbone She celebrated … More Warrior Women (Poem)

Haiku Poetry

Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry form. It consists of a three-line poem with seventeen syllables. Written in a 5-7-5 syllable count. The main focus of haiku poetry is on images from nature, or seasonal reference. Haiku gives emphasis to simplicity, zeal, and directness of articulation. It should be subtle and based on observational thoughts. … More Haiku Poetry

My Adopted Self

Ever since I was born I constantly searched — For that mark of identity Mirror to mirror conversations lead to false impressions Sheer darkness covered my thoughts A placed appeared to be whimsical I placed my sheet To let know of my identity A mixture of connections occurred in habitat A call of Visionary — … More My Adopted Self

We the women

Hello Readers, Sharing one of my poems from my book It’s a carnal world. This is my favourite one. Judgmental Reflection The women who wear a bindi The women who wear shorts The women who have earrings The women who have piercing The women who are gutsy The women who are skittish The folks who … More We the women