How she became brave! (Short Story)

Greetings... *This short story got featured in The Oak Summit: The Soothsayer's Ink Edition-I (Heart it out)* Sharing it with this community of wonderful writers and readers. June 1980 Those eyes played with her innocence. She constantly remembered her grandmother with a tear.  Listening to her stories about her childhood caused me to identify with her greatly. ... Continue Reading →

Favourite books from my library.

Greetings. Follow up if reading is your devotion. I hope you will appreciate my recommendation. Here are a few of my favourites from my library. 1) In a forest, a deer by Ambai (Translated from Tamil by Lakshmi Holmström) In a forest, a deer Intricate short stories which are profoundly relevant even today. Stories of... Continue Reading →

Flip Your Life

Hello Readers, Sharing a glimpse of the experience life taught me. There was a phase in my life, which didn't go according to my plan. A state which I couldn't explain it to anyone. But there is one aspect- I never said, it's my dreadful time. Why did it happen to me? Perhaps, I was... Continue Reading →

Stages of Rejection.

Hello Readers, Let me ask you - How are you? Hope you're safe and doing well. Let's face it. We all must have gone through one or multiple rejections in our life. All of us know how much it takes to compensate that feeling. It can be any kind of rejection but bringing us back... Continue Reading →

That old artist…

Hello Readers, Here comes another small thought story. This story is about an old man who is an instant caricature artist. I happened to see him this Saturday at the mall. He sits near the food court where most people gather. I was observing him for a long time. Everyone went up to him and... Continue Reading →

Weighing Equality

Equality isn't voluntary, it's necessary- unknown We often talk about equality in various terms. Equality shouldn't be only for gender but also in every piece of reality. For starters, equality between colleagues in a workspace, barriers between high-class and low-class etc. Gender equality has gained attention over the years and it is an important step... Continue Reading →

The 92-year-old soul

Hello Readers, A small lesson of thoughts.... So, I know this AMMA who is pretty old and lives next to our house in Kerala. She was a school teacher and thought mathematics. I found her to be special for many reasons. One such behaviour of hers really caught my attention. Maybe it's not unique but... Continue Reading →

The Unsung Idol- “Father”

Hello Readers, A heartfelt article about a hero. A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way- Unknown We worship and dedicate our lives to the almighty. But he has sent an idol into our life who... Continue Reading →

Dispatch Depression

From my article published in Vashi Times Newspaper Hello, “Depression is the inability to construct a future”- Rollo May We all look after our physical health meticulously. But how many percents of people treat mental health equally? Clinical depression is becoming common among Indians. According to Apollo Hospital statistics, there are more than 10 million... Continue Reading →

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